• How I Met Lilly, The Helmeted Guineafowl

        As you guys already know, this summer on a very sunny morning, I was greeted by a lovely large bird beside my car. Although, at the time I wasn’t sure what type of bird it was, its large gray frame, striking white head, and sturdy thick legs, made me certain that it was

  • Recap Of This Week

         Hi Everyone! With another busy week for Lyrics Of Two, a recap was due. “Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home” had another big week in the radio music charts. It is truly humbling to see how committedly everyone voted for “Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home” on the radio

  • Through the vast green hills filled with daffodils, and skies with grayish blue eyes Butterflies flutter and pass one another, as a hummingbird flies through the skies But the honey bee stays steady, at the ready, for the summer’s hot sun, to start its fun At the sun’s first sight, it gather’s its might, in

  • Recap Of Week After Release Of #LetsMakeThisEarthFromHouseToHome.

        Hi Everyone! So much has happened this week upon the release of #LetsMakeThisEarthFromHouseToHome. So grateful for all of the kind words, and positive feedback the song continues to received from listeners, radio stations and music reviewers. #LetsMakeThisEarthFromHouseToHome has received really fantastic song reviews. Thank  you to the song review   writers for listening to the

  • #LetsMakeThisEarthFromHouseToHome By Lyrics Of Two!

    Happy Friday Everyone! Very happy to finally present you #LetsMakeThisEarthFromHouseToHome. Below are the links to listen to the entire full version of the song now on Soundcloud and Reverbnation, the song will also be available at iTunes, Spotify, Groove, Goople Play Amazon, Tidal, and all other major music retailers. There is also a link to read

  • Lyrics Of Two Is Artist Of The Month At Native Family Radio And Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home Receives Fantastic Review!

    ♪♫Hi Everyone! With the release of Lyrics Of Two’s latest song #LetsMakeThisEarthFromHouseToHome just days away. The song has already received a fantastic review from Dancing About Architecture’s Dave Franklin.  Also very happy to let you know that Lyrics Of Two has been chosen as Artist Of The Month at Native Family Radio! You can check out

  • Summer Days

      When we were younger, summer days seemed so much longer When carefree, radiant, sun filled ease, was paired with the bustling ocean’s lively breeze And time,it was thought of by things to do, and people to see, places to be Easy going days lingered, and moments, they took their time Like slow ships, that