• Autumn Days

    Multicolored leaves, delicately strew the ground A rust colored tinge, is in nature all around The breezy wind whispers, of colder days to come  Yet a comfort in the air, as Fall have just begun Shining on the bountiful harvest, is the bright sun Golden rays warm young critters, on their forage run Pumpkin patches,

  • Recap Of This Week

         Hi Everyone! With another busy week for Lyrics Of Two, a recap was due. “Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home” had another big week in the radio music charts. It is truly humbling to see how committedly everyone voted for “Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home” on the radio

  • Through the vast green hills filled with daffodils, and skies with grayish blue eyes Butterflies flutter and pass one another, as a hummingbird flies through the skies But the honey bee stays steady, at the ready, for the summer’s hot sun, to start its fun At the sun’s first sight, it gather’s its might, in

  • Summer Days

      When we were younger, summer days seemed so much longer When carefree, radiant, sun filled ease, was paired with the bustling ocean’s lively breeze And time,it was thought of by things to do, and people to see, places to be Easy going days lingered, and moments, they took their time Like slow ships, that

  • Summer Rains

    Warm breeze, cutting the stillness in the air, through swaying curtains lightly billowing Through the heat, a dampness in the air, sweetly scented from droplets of summer’s rain trickling A fragrant sigh of relief, from tired plumerias, showering after posing under the summer day’s relentless sun There is a calmness that renews spirits, heals from

  • A Summer’s Beach Day

        Unleashed, the sun’s glorious rays, blaze out from the summer’s blue sky, crystal clear All year, it has saved it’s magnificent energy, to impress, at this time of year Snow storms, are a distant memory, and there’s no cold weather, left to freight Just long, hot, sun filled days, that gently roll into

  • Mother

      Each of us has an angel, that brought us to this Earth That guides us, and loves us, with every gentle word Through life, we hold her hand, and she holds us in her heart From the minute of our first waking breathe, right from the start She puts us before she, which is

  • Spring’s Song Of New Life

    As the sun gently sings, a song of sweet melodic harmony Meadows fill their fields, with spring’s colored floral vibrancy Countless wildflowers sway to the tune, as warm winds brush by Full, bright, deep colors paint the pastures, trees, and sky A cheerful robin whistles, like delicate notes bowed on a violin The rise and fall

  • Spring Has Blossomed

      The majestic sun makes it’s entrance, from behind the clouds Ray by ray with warm beams, ’til it’s full glory stands out proud Snow and ice melt away, leaving droplets of faded memory Seedlings raise their heads, awakened to their spring story Flowers bloom and carpet the earth, with vivid colors bright Sweet scents