“From Seeds To A Plant, On Time For Halloween”

By lyricsoftwo.com

Happy Halloween Everyone!

   So often during the holidays and changing of seasons, we are so busy and overwhelmed with

excitement, and emotions that we tend to overlook the beauty in the small delicate aspects of life and

the changes in nature. Consequently, I recently decided to grow a little plant, in a holiday appropriate

jack o’lantern pot (I thought it was cute, it keeps smiling as it grows the plant lol). It has been so

fascinating to watch the little seedlings sprout, and grew into these vibrant, green sheaves atop my

piano. All it really needed was a little attention, water, and I feel that music helped it grow fast as well.

Paying such close attention to the growth of the plant really got me in the mood for the season and

the holiday, and brought me a lot of joy. Hope this video brings you a little joy and a smile, and I

hope you take the time during the busy holiday season, to enjoy the little things in life and nature.

Wishing everyone a very Happy and Safe Halloween!

                                                                         -Marie Helen

Watch The Video Of “From Seeds To A Plant, On Time For Halloween” Here                                                                   

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