“Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home” Continues To Receive Great Reviews!

By lyricsoftwo.com

      Upon it’s release, “Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home” has received the

warmest welcome a song can ever aspire to receive. So grateful for the daily

messages from fans, and to all of the voters that helped the song top radio music

charts in both genres of country music and pop music and to all of the fantastic

reviews from critics, magazines, blogs and newspapers.

     Perhaps it is the current state of times, or just the fundamental need for universal

empathy in this world. What ever the reason may be, it is so heartening to know

that the messages within the song of kindness, compassion, unity, and peace

resonate with so many of you. It is also very thrilling to see the song continue to

receive great reviews. So happy to be able to share the latest fantastic reviews that

“Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home” has received. Thank you very much to

the music reviewers for your kind words and these fantastic reviews! You can check out the latest reviews here😊

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