Lyrics Of Two #1 In The Category Of Songwriters!

By lyricsoftwo.com


   As the week comes to a close, it so nice to be able to share some positive news

with everyone. The Deli Magazine’s latest music charts are up, and Lyrics Of Two

remains in the #1 position in the regions and categories listed on the chart! But

what makes this chart even more special is the addition of Lyrics Of Two being

#1 in the category of Songwriters! This is a special category since Marie Helen

writes all of Lyrics Of Two’s songs of which most have reached #1 in various

radio, and music charts. She has also written songs for other well known

musical acts. So it is fantastic that we are recognized in this category as #1!

You can see the chart in its entirety below. So grateful to be able to share this

great news with you everyone, have a great weekend! 🙂  


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