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Each of us has an angel, that brought us to this Earth

That guides us, and loves us, with every gentle word

Through life, we hold her hand, and she holds us in her heart

From the minute of our first waking breathe, right from the start

She puts us before she, which is the truest form that love can be

When lost she guides us, like the Northern star to the weary

And protects us, like the moon to the unraveling tides of the sea

With beauty, that radiates from a kind and compassionate soul

And strength, that only an unconditional loving heart can behold

No words are enough, for she can be compared to no other

Our angel has the sweetest name that I’ve ever heard, Mother.

-Marie Helen Abramyan


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    I absolutely love this poem! Beautiful writing Marie Helen, I am sending this to my mom, she’s gonna love it. Wish I had seen this on Mother’s Day.

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