• Recap Of This Week!

      Another busy week for Lyrics Of Two below is a recap! Song Review:  Since the release of “Let’s Make This Earth From House To Home” the song has continued to receive some terrific reviews. Truly grateful for all of the kind words received from the reviewers that take the time to listen to the song

  • Lyrics Of Two #1 In The Category Of Songwriters!

         As the week comes to a close, it so nice to be able to share some positive news with everyone. The Deli Magazine’s latest music charts are up, and Lyrics Of Two remains in the #1 position in the regions and categories listed on the chart! But what makes this chart even more

  • “Feather Haiku” By Marie Helen Abramyan Published In Stepkid Magazine!

       “Feather Haiku” by Marie Helen has been published in the literary magazine Stepkid! Thank you very much for featuring the poem, and for the kind words Stepkid Magazine, really enjoyed reading your interpretation of the haiku! Everyone, you can check out the feature at the link below. “Feather Haiku” By Marie Helen Abramyan Featured

  • “From Seeds To A Plant, On Time For Halloween”

    Happy Halloween Everyone!    So often during the holidays and changing of seasons, we are so busy and overwhelmed with excitement, and emotions that we tend to overlook the beauty in the small delicate aspects of life and the changes in nature. Consequently, I recently decided to grow a little plant, in a holiday appropriate

  • Autumn Days

    Multicolored leaves, delicately strew the ground A rust colored tinge, is in nature all around The breezy wind whispers, of colder days to come  Yet a comfort in the air, as Fall have just begun Shining on the bountiful harvest, is the bright sun Golden rays warm young critters, on their forage run Pumpkin patches,

  • How I Met Lilly, The Helmeted Guineafowl

        As you guys already know, this summer on a very sunny morning, I was greeted by a lovely large bird beside my car. Although, at the time I wasn’t sure what type of bird it was, its large gray frame, striking white head, and sturdy thick legs, made me certain that it was