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Through the vast green hills filled with daffodils, and skies with

grayish blue eyes

Butterflies flutter and pass one another, as a hummingbird flies

through the skies

But the honey bee stays steady, at the ready, for the summer’s hot

sun, to start its fun

At the sun’s first sight, it gather’s its might, in search for a flower,

with nectar filled power

A tumble and twirl, the bee starts its swirl, through the grass and

trees, as light as a breeze

Then at last a rightful glee, as it sets free, a “buzz”, and lands on a

flowers blossomed fuzz

Traveling miles for the treat, atop a petal it rests it’s feet, filling its

sac with nectar so sweet

Buzz-ful tune, fills skies now warm maroon, as refreshed, alive, the

bee heads back to its hive

Prize earned, the bee returned, soon under June skies so sunny,

glistened its golden honey.

 Category: Marie Helen's Poetry

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