Summer Days

By lyricsoftwo.com


When we were younger, summer days seemed

so much longer

When carefree, radiant, sun filled ease, was paired with the bustling

ocean’s lively breeze

And time,it was thought of by things to do, and people to see,

places to be

Easy going days lingered, and moments, they

took their time

Like slow ships, that sail away, and fade along

the horizon line

Warm winds swinging past palm trees, bring back

summer scented memories

Sense feeding vivid colors, and sweet, robust,

fragrance of fruits

Staring for a fata morgana at sunset, while the radio buzzed with

light hearted tunes

Even boredom had a flavor that’s missing now, it just isn’t

the same somehow

It was a time of innocence, a time of freedom, it was a

time of presentness

No fear of the sun, or radical waves of scientific fun, of

the very recentness

Romanticising the past? So it maybe, but these were days much more

than  faded photos can see

As the winds swirl back, so do thoughts, and they turn to the

moments of present day

For today’s unnoticed moments, maybe tomorrows longed for

treasures of yesterday

Reminiscing, is something we all do, there is always something missing

in things that are new


 Category: Marie Helen's Poetry

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